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The Starling

A forest ranger discorvers a colony of starlings that does not sleep anymore, and continues to sing forever. A daycare teaches sees how her childres stay awake in a calm trance. On an island the high tide does not return for weeks, and the lighhouse keepers send warnings. But no one seems to mind. The Starling is a play about being awake in a world that sleeps. Various characters discover that the natural state of things has been disruptes. But no one believes them. Meanwhile, a choir of starlings sings a warning signal in the background.

Script: Marthe van Bronkhorst
Direction: Roel Meijvis
Performance: Annelotte van Aarst, Roán ten Cate, Glenn Coenen
Scenography: Noa Helder

Photos: Tibor Dieters

Underworlds, A Gateway Experience

Underworlds tells the ‘coming of age’ of the homo-digitalis. BVDS transforms the Old-Greek story of Psyche’s quest in the underworlds, into a visually new telling about the development of mankind. Descend into a vertiginous world, where old myths are reanimated by technological creatures. How do we embody the multitude? Underworlds merges daydreams, nightmares and gameworlds, en lets the human body with all her virtual alter ego's, come home in a non-binary multiverse. 

Concept: Suzan Boogaerdt, Bianca van der Schoot

Direction: Bianca van der Schoot

Stage design: Lena Newton, collaboration Noa Helder

Costume, masks, props: Lotte Goos

Light design: Silko Lamprecht, Wolfgang Macher

Sound design: Remco de Jong, Florentijn Boddendijk

Video design: Mikko Gaestel

Dramaturgy: Jasmin Maghames

Performance: Klara Alexova, Suzan Boogaerdt, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Jing Xiang

Photos: Birgit Hupfeld